He Shoots, he scores!!! What a course. This is by far the best behavioural based safety course I have ever attended. Well done Glenn...

Asgeir proved to be instrumental in holding the audiences attention and displayed his ability to distribute his knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed the course As...well done!!

Glenn delivers with an enthusiasm and energy level that is infectious. This course gives us the best possible start in our journey of culture change to build on and improve our health and safety record.

Great instructor with outstanding knowledge of the oil and gas sector. Joe's knowledge of the oil and gas industry is second to none. Thanks Joe..

These were excellent two days! Glenn is very inspiring. Easy to follow even English isn't my mother tongue.

Excellent course with an even better instructor! He has brought life into Health & Safety and has helped me realise and be aware of my abilities and skills. I'm now excited to put this into practice and pass it on! Safety in mind!!!

This was a very thought provoking course. There is a lot which can be taken away from the course not only for work purposes but for life in general.

If Carlsberg did courses then this would probably be one of the best. Glenn is a fantastic tutor and really makes you understand.

Great insight into effect change and coaching rather than presenting the course content. Very useful for a department manager.

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