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We believe that effective health and safety risk management is built on solid foundations. The Gauged Solutions pyramid concept reflects this in our approach to how we work in partnership with our clients.

The Pyramid Of Success

The Pyramid Of Success

Pyramids have been shaped their way to generate energy and are often referred to as the third eye that gives us intuition, ideas and enlightenment . The four sides of the Gauged Solutions pyramid are the basis of how we do business, and makes us effective when offering sound solutions that are creative and insightful.


We recognise that excellent relationsips with ALL of our clients is the absolute starting point for success, and forms the basis for our bespoke assessment methodology. “Off the shelf” has its place, but we strongly believe that what makes us unique, is that we understand that every client is unique, and our solutions are matched to what they need.

Blending effective training and consultancy, we generate improvement in risk-based competence and culture by driving excellence through hard work, dedication, creativity, adpaptability, being dynamic and versatile, ensuring ALL of our clients achieve their targets.


At GSL we believe in the philosophy that one size does not fit all. Solutions for our clients are all gauged to their needs, and we adapt our service provision to what the needs are . Often going well beyond and exceeding their expectations.


We offer our assistance in many areas. Often we are asked to support,mentor and coach to produce high performing teams and individuals.

Providing a highly professional service we are often asked to work with our clients as part of their team as a seconded resource.

We thrive on seeing the assistance we give transform the businesses and people that we work with.


Ensuring all of our clients are appropriately advised is pivotal to ours and indeed our clients
success. To that end we ensure that the correct consultant is allocated to the clients exact

Our consultants, many of whom are chartered members of the institute of occupational safety and health also have core disciplines in engineering, manufacturing, environmental science, law, fire, marine, offshore , construction, oil and gas, power, leisure and tourism and undertake yearly professional development to ensure their skills are constantly maintained and updated.

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